Trip Stopper | Magic Mushrooms Bad trip Stopper




Trip Stopper | Magic Mushrooms Bad trip Stopper

A sense of security while hunting for magic mushrooms is essential! Bad trips are not a fun thing to do, so when you feel unwell, the contents of the zetta can help.

Valerian rootstock has a strong calming effect and soothes the nerves, so even if you don’t plan any psychedelic adventures, it can still work well for your psyche and nerves. In addition, the sachet contains glucose strips that help neutralize the negative effects of magic mushrooms.

It is always good to have this Mushroom trip Stopper close when tripping on magic mushrooms. Just take the contents of this package in case of a bad trip. The valerian makes you relax and dextrose sugar helps to neutralize the effects of magic mushrooms. Trip stopper, just in case. Feel safe, Trip safe

Trip stopper helps to minimize the effects of your trip. The valerian helps you to relax and the dextrose suger tabs can neutralize the effects of the mushrooms.


4 Valerian capsules 2 Dextro tablets


How to use the bad trip stopper ? When you start to feel anxious during a trip:

  • Take the 2 dextro tabs and let them disolve in your mouth slowly.
  • Take the 4 Valerian capsules with a large glass of water.
  • After try to eat something


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